The Benefits of Obtaining Forest Certification


Certain sectors such as the paper and packaging sector is committed to using forest-certified materials

There are several benefits that forest managers, such as forest owners, entrepreneurs, associations and timber companies, can gain from applying for forest certification.

In its module on forest certification, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) stated that among the most immediate benefits is the ability for forest managers to streamline their operations because they have made efforts to improve efficiency and control of production processes.

Forest certification can be a valuable tool for product positioning; forest managers can target markets where there is a high demand for products produced from sources originated from sustainably managed forests, and subsequently boost and maintain their access there.

In certain sectors like the paper and packaging sector, certification is a pre-requisite in many major markets. International publishing houses, for example, tend to print physical copies of their publications in forest-certified papers.

Additionally, obtaining forest certification enables forest managers, as well as companies that utilise forest-certified materials for their products, to enhance their public image as entities committed to a sustainable future.

Most importantly, forest managers that obtain forest certification can achieve social and environmental goals, such as improving working conditions, ensuring safety and health for their employees, supporting forest conservation and promoting sustainable forest use.


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