Public–Private Sector Collaboration

art 138-01-20

The role of public sector in the delivery of public service remains indispensable, it is now recognized that both the private and civil sectors have their distinct and mutually respective spheres of interest and activities. Each sector alone cannot be relied upon to deliver all developmental needs nor can it guarantee cost-effectiveness in the delivery of social services.

Public administration has recognized the value and virtue of partnerships among the various sectors, cooperating with different actors in the private and civil society sectors at the local, national, regional and global levels to stimulate experience, knowledge, skills and to utilize resources to effectively respond to public needs. Thus, partnerships constitute a major element in the process of giving new life to public administration.

Public-private collaboration aims to enhance public service performance through privatization, “corporatization,” decentralization, contracting out, and commercialization.

The private sector is the engine of economic growth, while the public sector is responsible for drawing up the working framework for major policies and providing the direction for the private sector to carry out its responsibilities effectively.

The success of the private sector translates into increased profits. Increased government revenues means that the public sector will be able to finance more socio-economic development projects for the good of the nation.

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