Tips to stay heathy during the Covid-19 outbreak


One of the tips to stay healthy during the Covid-19 outbreak is to have a healthy diet containing fruits and vegetables as well as reduce alcohol and tobacco intake

Staying healthy is important in keeping your immune system strong to prevent from getting the virus during the Covid-19 outbreak.

The World Health Organisations has come up with several advices on how to stay healthy during the outbreak.

For instance, members of the public are advised to avoid drinking alcohol or keep it to the minimum if drinking.

During the outbreak, the public is also advised to cut back in salt or limit salt intake to less than five grams or a teaspoon a day.

It is advisable to eat moderate amounts of fats and oils as well as to avoid trans-fat or unsaturated fats that is commonly found in food such as cookies, snack food, fast food and refrigerated dough products.

Apart from that, people should also reduce sugar consumption by limiting intake of sweets and sugary drinks.

Instead, do eat a variety of food including plenty of fruits and vegetables.

In addition, another tips to stay healthy during the outbreak is to reduce smoking or cut back altogether as it is said that smoking can increase your chances of getting Covid-19.

By bringing your hand to your mouth during smoking, you can transfer the virus into the body. Also, sharing tobacco products such as waterpipes can transmit the virus between people.

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