World Environment Day 2020 Guide Provides Ways Towards Protecting Biodiversity


The cover of World Environment Day 2020 Practical Guide, accessible via

In conjunction with this year’s World Environment Day (5 June), the UN Environment Programme has released a practical guide for citizens around the world to participate in the event and play their part in protecting Earth’s biodiversity.

The guide outlines biodiversity in general, including its importance, factors contributing to its accelerating loss and its connection with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The highlight of the guide is its series of suggestions for various stakeholders to consider their roles in protecting biodiversity before and after World Environment Day 2020.

These stakeholders are individuals, faith groups, businesses, cities, governments, schools & universities, youth groups and civil society.

“This practical guide is structured in three parts: learn, share, and act,” describes the guide, adding that it takes into account those who wish to take part despite being confined to their homes during the pandemic.

“All you need to participate is a connection to the internet, a book, or even just your imagination,” advises the guide.

To access the guide, go to For more information on World Environment Day 2020, visit and

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