SOP for Barber Shops and Hair Saloons

art-206-01Barber shops and hair salons are allowed to reopen from 9th June but must adhere to the SOPs set by the Sarawak disaster management committee (SDMC)

The Sarawak disaster management committee (SDMC) has released a standard operating procedure (SOP) for barber shops and hair salons.

The SOP released by SDMC through their Facebook page stated that the sanitation of business premises of barber shops and hair saloons must be done daily.

Apart from that, the usage of air conditioner or fan is a must to allow air circulation in the business premises.

The equipment for hair cutting must also be cleaned after used, as well as the barber chair must be cleaned after each use. Apart from that, the floor must also be cleaned after each haircut.

Business owners or employers must also check their employees body temperature (must not be above 37°C) and conduct health briefing before starting their business.

Workers must also wear face mask, face shield, hand gloves as well as disposable aprons when attending to customers.

Business owners must also set up schedules for their employees to ensure social distancing at the business premises as only 50 per cent of the workforce capacity is allowed at a time.

Barber shops and hair salons are allowed to reopen from 9th June but are only allowed to only provide hair cutting services and sell hair products.

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