Adhering to SOPs at Barber Shops and Hair Salons

art-210-01The public are expected to adhere to the strict new rules set for barber shops and hair salons throughout Sarawak to prevent the spread of Covid-19

Business owners and members of the public are expected to follow the SOPs when visiting the barber shops and hair salons in Sarawak.

Upon their visitation to these business premises, customers must always adhere to the health safety rules such as filling in their personal details, wearing face mask as well as disposable aprons that are provided.

Business owners must provide antibacterial sanitiser or hand soaps for customers to wash their hands. Apart from that, customers must also wear ear plug protector if hair spray is used on wet hair.

The business premises must also practice social distancing by stating precisely how many customers are allowed at a time.

The seating arrangement must be at least two meters away from each other. Seating for waiting customers must be provided outside the smaller premises.

Customers below the age of 12 years old must be accompanied by parents and those above 60 years old are able to visit these business premises by following the time set by the business owners.

Apart from that, the public are also encouraged to set appointments or booking before going.

For the purpose of trace recording, those without any smartphones may leave their personal details by writing them down.

The public is also encouraged to make use of digital apps such as QMUNITY or Covid Trace as well as utilising digital payment method.

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