What you should know on the SOP for the tourism, art and culture sector

Art - 222 - 18062020The creative industry such as dance which falls under tourism, art and culture sector can resume operation from 17th June

It was announced that the tourism, art and culture sector is allowed to resume operation from 17th June by the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC).

Those working under this sector are expected to adhere to the SOP set by the Sarawak Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MTAC).

Here are some of the basic highlights particularly for the art and culture and creative industry sector.

  1. Basic guidelines such as social distancing, personal hygiene and temperature screening must be put into practice
  1. Hoteliers can resume bookings for meeting rooms or conference halls but only up to 50 per cent of its original capacity.
  2. Sauna, swimming pools, lounge, pub bar, karaoke and buffet restaurant are not allowed to operate.
  3. Museums, art galleries, archives, handicraft centres and memorials are allowed to resume operation but interactive areas are needed to remain closed to visitors and children under 12 must be accompanied by parents
  4. Creative industry sector (music production, filming, videography, photography, graphic design and animation) are also allowed to operate but filming crew must provide traveling record for the past 4 weeks for application of the necessary license and permits before start operation.
  5. Participants or students below the age of 18 for music, dance, theatre schools and photography studios must provide parent’s approval with valid proof to the operator before conducting activities.
  6. Participants are also encouraged to bring their own instruments such as keyboard, violin or guitar.

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