Priceless Wealth of Our Society


A nation may be divided by contrasting political views, social issues, religions, races, and so forth. But if citizens not willing to accept these differences and deal with them in a civil fashion, our nation-building and democracy won’t work.

According to Francis (1968: 339), nation building as a process could be defined as a “process of social change culminating in a historical type of politically organized society… moving toward an ideal goal, set and rationalized by ideology…”

Building a nation always been taking place throughout the history of humankind. Nation-building always a work-in-progress. It needs constant nurturing and reinvention.

A strong and powerful nation is built on dedication and hard work of its citizen and some amount of smart planning by the government. In effect, this process will make the nation become strong and resistant in the long run.

Community building is the fundamental factor of nation building. Moreover, it is only by implementing democratic processes of local governance that participatory democracy will become an invigorating reality for the people and stimulate new energy for the holistic development of the nation.

Peace, unity and tolerance became the precious values of the nature and spirit of Malaysian. Mixed by our existence and having great impact in building our culture and ethics as well as moral life of our society.

Every Malaysian has to make a target and make strong efforts to strengthen national unity. We need to develop national statehood and promote prosperity with the sense of gratitude to peace and stability which we today enjoy.

National unity basis for people stability, progress guarantee of the state and the most important part of develop society.

All Malaysian, mainly young generation must always remember that national harmony and the independence is a priceless wealth of our society.

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