Building a Harmonious Society

art-227-01We live in a country which is characterised by great diversity

There can be no other way to face such diversity but by building a sense of togetherness, mutually respecting and mutually appreciating our respective differences.

Building a harmonious society is an important idea for the new generation leaders.  Harmonious society links with politics, economy and culture.

The relationship between politics, economy, culture and society shows that harmonious society is a collection of harmony of politics, economy and culture.

Unity among communities and religious harmony are vital factors for the development of the country.

Divisions among us will strengthen various hostile forces seeking to deny us our freedom.

Our independence is the lifeblood of a nation, safeguarding independence is a fundamental guarantee for a nation’s existence and development.

It is only when we adhere to the principle of national independence that we can defend the national rights and interests, shape the nation’s destiny independently in keeping with the will and demand of our nation, and fully exercise our sovereignty on the international arena and develop the relations with foreign countries on the principles of complete equality and mutual benefit.

Our independence is the source of national dignity and honour, pride and self-confidence, as well as the indomitable will and spirit of the nation.

Unity and social harmony are a precondition for economic development in a diverse society such as ours.

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