Expect to see more development in Sibu

art-235-01Under the 12th Malaysia Plan, the people of Sibu can expect to see more development projects that will be implemented next year

The people can expect to see more development happening in Sibu.

According to the Sarawak Chief Minister, more projects to expand development as well as the urban renewal plan for Sibu are expected to be implemented next year and continued under the 12th Malaysia Plan.

Among the projects includes an eight kilometer dual carriageway road linking Sibu Jaya and Lanang which cost RM100 milion.

Upon completion, it would be a catalyst for Sibu Jaya as part of a new urban centre for Sibu and link the district with Bintangor and Sarikei.

The road would be connected to Kong Yit Khim Road, which would also be upgraded into a dual carriageway under 12MP, to link Lanang and Durin bridges, right up to Kanowit and Kapit.

Other project includes a nine-kilometre stretch between Ngemah in Kanowit and Temalat in Song is also under construction and is expected to be completed in October or November this year.

In addition to that, the State governement has also approved the construction of Sibu Youth Innovation Centre.

Costing about, RM10 million, the youth innovation centre is a project under the Sibu Urban Renewal Committee.

It will be built at the venue of the current Sibu Trade and Exhibition Centre with the appointment of consultant to be done soon.

The setting up of the youth innovation centre will help the youth to stimulate their innovation and creativity skills.

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