SOP for Spa, wellness centre, foot massage and reflexology operators in Sarawak

art-265-01On 6th July, the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) has released the standard operating procedure (SOP) for spa, wellness centre, foot massage and reflexology centre to operate in Sarawak

Proper hygiene and housekeeping management are a priority for spa, wellness centre, foot massage and reflexology centre operating in Sarawak.

According to the standard operating procedure (SOP) released by the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC), notification to begin operation by spa, wellness, massage and Reflexology Centres must be made as prerequisite to operate (

In ensuring proper hygiene management in the business premises, hand washing facilities with soap and hand sanitisers must be provided at the general and open areas, entrance lobby, counters and rooms.

Business owners must ensure their premise and equipment are regularly cleaned and sanitised after every customer, including fabric covers for chairs and beds, towels, sheets and plastics.

Recreational and guest facilities such as magazines, news, books, refresher towers, sauna/steam bath at the waiting room or lounge are not allowed. Food and drinks are not to be served in the premise.

Premise owners must prepare face mask, face shield, gloves, hand sanitiser for the staff, therapist as well as masseuse or masseur.

The SOP also stated that used hand gloves are to be disposed, face shields are to be wiped clean after every customer and to be disposed of if damaged.

Used fabrics, towels, sheets are to be changed and cleaned after every customer

Disposal face mask, underwear, shower caps, plastics and gloves are to be put into appropriate dustbins that are closed. Waste disposal must be according to existing standard procedure wrapping waste in black plastic bags and tied.

Used fabrics, towels and sheets must be folded and keep inside a container before sent for laundry or for washing.

Face shields must be disinfected or wiped clean after every customer. Apart from that business premises are not encouraged to use pillows, but if so, the pillow case must be changed after every customer and folded inside a closed container and sent to laundry for washing.

Lockers are to be sanitised and labelled ‘SANITISED’ for the convenience of customers who wish to use them.

Changing rooms, therapy and treatment rooms must be clean and sanitised with regular changing or fabrics, covers, towels or plastic sheets after every customer.

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