Highlights for Sarawak Day 2020

Art-289-16072020Make sure to tune in to TV3, UKAS, tvSarawak, Sarawak Event Channel or Astro Awani channel as well as Facebook Live to watch these live performances on 22nd July at 9 pm

The Sarawak Day 2020 celebration is scheduled to be broadcasted live to audience on various channels on 22nd July at 9 pm.

Among the channels that will live streamed the event includes TV3, UKAS, tvSarawak, Sarawak Event Channel, Astro Awani as well as Facebook Live.

Here are the live performances that the audience can expect to see from these channels:

  1. Opening dance (Overture): Featuring a combination of traditional Sarawak dances and Digital Light Balance.
  1. Special documentary – Marek, Kinek Tok & Kelak (Past, Present & Future): A glimpse at the early history of Sarawak since the time of Brooke’s administration, when Sarawak was self-governing and until it achieved independence.

Since then, Sarawak has continued to move forward towards development and progression. Now after 57 years, progress has been achieved by its people in the socio-economic, infrastructure and physical development sectors.

  1. Sitcom – Kampong Selepar Putus: This sitcom in Sarawak dialect tells the story of a village community who lives in a village called “Kampong Selepar Putus”. Despite the difference in religions, customs and cultures, they live in harmony and have mutual respect for each other.

This sitcom contains messages about economic, infrastructure and social development that have been enjoyed by the people of Sarawak.

  1. Kebanggaan Kamek (My Pride): This short video highlights the achievements of Sarawakians who have achieved global and national success as well as in the State.
  1. Special song – “Tok Bok Sarawak” (This is Sarawak): This rap genre song was created as a platform to attract the interest of young Sarawakians. It incorporates a heart-warming message in respond to the challenges of Sarawak Cemerlang. This song is created by a local rap group, Family Man.
  1. Finale – Medley Song: A choir performance of a medley of songs Sarawakku Sayang and Pertiwiku Tercinta by an orchestra and 40 choir singers.



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