Development Administration


Development needs both materials and administrative system for the proper use of materials.

The absence of any one condition will almost frustrate the efforts for development. It is a noticeably essential that public administration has an important role to play in development.

The United Nation (UN) and its organisation of the last century began to give various types of aid to the developing nations.

UN agencies noted the various types of the UN aid had failed to reach the targets. The aids and aid programme remained unutilised and even where these used, the results were unsatisfactory.

After thorough investigation it found the infrastructure of development of the aid receiving countries were not helpful for utilising aids and aid programmes.

This experience opened the eyes of UN authority. They conclude that mere physical aid and ambitious aid programmes could not ensure development if simultaneously the public administration and management system not modernised or made suitable for development.

The development administration has also a close relation with planning. The planning is not only a matter of economics.

Another issue associated with development administration is people’s participation and accountability.

In any development project both public administration and people’s participation are essential. Development needs to use local resources and, in this area, people’s help is essential.

Also, what promised or what was the target and what has achieved, all these must be examined.

The development needs entire society taking part including administration and people of all categories.

People must be made to understand, through concerted efforts. Development is mainly for them and naturally it is their duty to take the issue of development as their own issue or matter.

People’s spontaneous participation will invariably speed up the progress. This task is performed by development administration through propaganda with the help of electronic and print media.

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