Performance Information to Measurement Performance


In general civil service organisations funded or partly by the government, and in turn by the taxpayers in a particular jurisdiction.

The government as well as other stakeholders will pay close attention to civil service performance of to evaluate whether public funds used properly.

Civil service should aim to prove that public money assigned to them used effectively, that specific targets met, and that correct decisions made for long-term planning.

The management and those charged with governance of a civil service organisation need to show the organisation is meeting its objectives and performing its role in society. For that performance information likely needed for this.

Performance measures should be measurable and relevant if they are to be effective.

Measurability means trying to ensure there is consistency in how performance information captured and reported.

Effective performance measurement enables organisation to measure and assess their progress toward achieving their purposes.

It help identify what policies and actions work and why they work to report policy development.

Performance measurement drive wished changes in the efficiency and effectiveness of services. It also prove whether the use of public assets is making a difference and delivering on government objectives.

It is also important for accountability, as entities are accountable for their actions to the Parliament and supremely to the public who depend on them.

An issue linked to measurability is the existence of data to produce the performance information.

Performance information refer to evidence about performance that collected and used systemically. The evidence may connect effectiveness or efficiency. It may be about results, part that affect results, and what can be done to improve them.

The performance information gathered is important. It useful as input data for quality control measures and programs.

It is also useful when audits, quality reviews, and process analyses conducted. This is especially true relevant to the project management plan which includes technical performance measures, project deliverables status, needed corrective actions, and performance reports.

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