Good Performance Information Raise Performance


The civil service is a significant part of the economy. Thus, some improvement in civil service performance would have a weight on economic growth.

Since the global downturn, reduced public revenue and increased levels of national debt have become part of our broader environment.

Public debt expected to continue to rise. Bearing a financial buffer overtime is necessary for the government to absorb future shocks to the wider economy.

In recent years and towards 2020 many civil service organisations across the world face societal, organisational and operational demands.

The challenges demand for increased financial restraint, efficiency, as well as more environmentally sustainable solutions that lead to positive social results.

To meet these challenges, the civil service will have to make a constant effort to improve and transform civil service operations and services.

Initiatives designed to improve the efficiency of public spending is a must worked on. This comprises organisational changes to civil service agencies including merging some agencies.

Civil service must prepare and carry out alternative approaches for service delivery such as providing single points of entry. Other than that such as making greater use of the private quarter and the not-for-profit quarter, such as using public-private partnerships.

One of the keys to meeting the challenge of delivering effective and efficient public services in a fiscally constrained environment is to get better information about performance. Then use that information to make better decisions and hold people accountable.

Using good performance information underpins many of the initiatives under way to raise performance.

It is important that service performance information is useful and used. As public entities look for ways to cut costs, it is more important than ever that they have the information necessary to inform those decisions.

It is important that effectiveness does not become a casualty of the drive for efficiency.

The continuity and effectiveness of service delivery to the public during change is important, as is ensuring that procurement and contracting out meet public expectations of good management of public money, honesty, and fairness.

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