Considerations Before Owning a Pet

art-361-01The reason behind owning a pet should go beyond the attractiveness of the pet

Chances are during the COVID-19 pandemic, you have encountered stories of pet abandonment, such as in Kuala Lumpur where the Malaysian Animal Association stated that pet dumping in the city had increased by three times during the Movement Control Order.

However, pet abandonment is not a recent phenomenon. According to a report by the BBC, between 100,000 and 200,000 pets are abandoned in France annually; 60 percent of these cases take place during summer.

While it is important to understand why pets are abandoned, such incidents are reminders of why becoming a pet owner is not as simple as one might think.

First and foremost, owning a pet is a lifetime investment. It should not be done on impulse because pets are living beings like humans, and therefore should not be taken for granted.

If you are considering of getting your own pet, here are some questions to ask yourself (Source:

  1. Can you commit yourself to taking care of your pet for a long time?Can you afford to spend on your pet (food, vaccination, veterinary care and treatment, etc.)?
  1. Will your pet fit your lifestyle?
  2. Have you done enough research on which pet you want to own (different breeds of cats and dogs, for example, have different behaviours and temperaments)?
  3. Do you or your family members have allergies?
  4. Is your home pet-friendly?
  5. If you want to own pets such as cat or dog, can you put some time in for training?
  6. Can you find yourself a trustworthy veterinarian?

Owning a pet takes responsibility and patience. Still, as long as you are determined and committed to making your pet a part of your life, becoming a pet owner is one of the most fulfilling experiences anyone can have.

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