The do’s and don’ts in wearing a fabric mask

art-369-01According to the guideline by the World Health Organisation (WHO) when donning a fabric mask, users must wash their face mask with soap or detergent with hot water

In Malaysia, the usage of non-medical face masks or fabric mask must follow the criteria and recommendations set by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Donning a face mask can help protect you and other from the transmission of the Covid-19 virus.

Here are some guidelines by WHO as to the do’s and don’ts in wearing a fabric face mask.

First of all, your hands must be cleaned before touching the mask. You must also inspect the mask for damage or if it is dirty.

Adjust the mask to your face without leaving any gaps on the sides by covering your mouth, nose and chin. You must also avoid touching the mask.

When removing your mask, you must clean your hands before touching it. To remove the mask, pull the straps behind the ear or head away from your face.

You must then store the mask in a clean plastic, reusable bag if it is not dirty or wet or when you plan to re-use it again. When taking it out of the bag, remove the mask by touching the straps.

Do wash the fabric face mask with soap or detergent preferably with hot water at least once a day. Then clean your hands after removing the mask.

As for the don’ts, it is advisable to not wear a fabric face mask that is damaged, loose, dirty or wet.

Users must also not wear their mask under the nose and must never remover their mask where there are people within one meter in vicinity.

When using fabric mask, they must not use a fabric mask that is difficult to breathe in and follow the guideline by WHO for the recommended materials and compositions.

Users must also not share their fabric face mask with others.

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