State Government Formed Special Monitoring Task Force

art-383-01Among  Special Monitoring Task Force roles are to monitor and ensure the development projects implementation and programmes are according to schedule, budget, and objective

The rationale of an intervention is to address the needs, problems or issues that are considered to be priorities in a given context, and that cannot be addressed more effectively in another way.

When groups engage in this process, they prioritize and implement intervention strategies based on what has been learned through research and experience in community contexts.

Sarawak state-wide high impact rural intervention projects are to ensure people in the rural areas receive better basic infrastructure and utilities.

Among the projects included the repairing and upgrading works on 33 dilapidated rural schools and 29 rural health clinics.

State government in 2018 has equipped 15 Rural Clinic Visiting Doctor (RCDV) team with medical equipment and transportation worth RM2.17 million.

The Covid-19 pandemic is inflicting high and rising human cost worldwide.

The global economy is projected to contract sharply by negative 3% in 2020 much worse than during the 2008 financial crisis. Malaysia is not spared from this pandemic and is projected to grow between negative 2.0% to 0.5% in 2020 affected by both weak global demand, disruption of supply chain and containment measures both abroad and domestic.

Therefore, Sarawak Government  have reviewed our development strategies under the 12th Malaysia Plan to recover from severe economic impact due to COVID-19 so as to remain resilient, adapting to “new normal” and promote future economic growth and development.

In light of the above post-COVID-19 exit development agenda, it is therefore Sarawak Economic Action Council (SEAC) formed as it is pertinent for the State to get views of the stakeholders to deliberate in details the various sectors in order to formulate action plans for achieving the new economic agenda for Sarawak.

To ensure that the planned development projects can be implemented effectively, several additional initiatives have been taken by the government.

For that twelve Special Monitoring Task Force teams have been set up to monitor the effectiveness of development projects and programme implementation in Sarawak.

The teams were formed to provide special reports involving state and federal government projects to the State Secretary.

The State Special Monitoring Task Force teams were formed on July 27, and was announced by State Secretary Datuk Amar Jaul Samion.

Among their roles are to monitor and ensure that the development projects implementation and programmes are according to schedule, budget, and objective.

The special task force teams would also help to identify and solve any issues arising from the programmes and projects in the early stages of their implementation.

This included ensuring the projects are carried out according to effective and efficient methods, that they comply with the rules and guidelines, and that they benefit the targeted groups.

They will also make site visit and hold meetings and discussions with the stakeholders.

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