Attach Values to Our Priorities


Priority is something that is often referred to as something important and meaningful.

What is important and meaningful has not the same emphasis on different individuals or groups.

It all depends on the value the individual or the party has set on. Perhaps it is our priority to get a job that gives a good / great reward or something that is important in our lives.

Therefore, we will state various reasons or facts that will support us to make our decision a priority and confirm it in our view that it will complement our daily life.

The reasons and facts create our views and beliefs that shape the values we have set to those priorities.

A set value, sometimes and often need improvement or value added. For example, a good attitude on keeping clean is a great value in life.

This value said enhanced if we also respect the rights of others and the right of nature in doing so.

Each of us as individuals has different priorities. However, this does not mean that among us there will be conflicts because of differences in priorities.

It is here the role of knowledge and understanding it are important.

With knowledge, we will not caught up in wrongdoings.

Knowledge can eventually shape the kindness and the kindness not only measured by the wealth, the level of power, the great lineage or the greatness of our service.

With the knowledge we have and practice it, we can think positively. People who have and practice their knowledge rarely think negatively, as they will not easily seduced or justified by the issues that are circulating in society.

Therefore, based on knowledge, we know that priority also reinforced by the values or sets of values we have set. Therefore, the priorities we have set will not change but we need to adjust to the values we attach to our priorities.

Defining a person’s priorities is not difficult. What is needed is to identify what is important and meaningful to us to achieve within the time frame that we feel is appropriate and uses the proper methods and resources.

The priorities we set sometimes need to be adjusted and some of them need to be changed. Such situations occur when there is a conflict of choice that we need to resolve that relates directly to our priorities.

Having and setting priorities will actually make it easier for us to navigate life. This is because with such priorities, we will be able to evaluate the situation and make decisions after making a fair and equitable judgment based on the choices make.

Therefore, there will be no decision that we will make is because of no choice or it is not an option. If so, it’s because we don’t take into consideration the priorities we set.

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