Words Bring and Make A Difference


We be likely to ignore small things in life. Among these are words that we say or write.

The words we speak usually give two effects namely positive and negative effects.

Word has many layers and contains not only the meaning but it also has energy.

Word is not just a way to communicate because words have energy.

Words hold vibrations, have power and sometimes show our secrets.

Word coloured our world and how we look at our world.

In the words we say there is an emotional potential. Every word we use can have a big impact.

Words can build or demolish. They can motivate or promote.

Depending on personal experience, we will have a positive or negative relationship to the words.

Happy times will associated with positive words while unpleasant and painful memories will have negative words associated.

Using words that inspire us every day will change our minds (thinking), energy and actions which will surely bring more positive energy to flow into us.

Using negative words will only surround us with negative energy and bring more negative states to us that can make us feel defeated.

Using words whether oral or written should treated with caution.

We should take a moment and stop to think about the effects of what we say.

Words affect others and build relations at work and in personal life. Words can damage and destroy relations.

Sometimes, it might be better not to say anything. If we cannot say something good, it’s better to be silent.

We must choose the words to be spoken or written carefully because our words have the potential for us to achieve almost anything or destroy almost anything.

Only one negative comment can damage a person’s day. Some negative comments may damage someone’s life.

But a positive and encouraging comment can even increase employee engagement, create a healthier culture and make more difference in individual lives.

The way we speak (including how we write), attitude and tone reflects ourselves and impact everything around us.

It can contribute to our success or “unsuccessful” in our career, business and personal life.

So, THINK before we speak. It will bring and make a difference.

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