Creating a pollution-less environment

art-398-01One of the steps included in the manifestos by World Health Organization (WHO) for a healthy recovery from Covid-19 includes stop using taxpayer’s money to fund pollution

The World Health Organization (WHO) has published a manifesto highlighting six steps to take for a healthy recovery from Covid-19.

This is to create a healthier, fairer and greener world while investing to maintain and resuscitating the economy hit by the effects of the pandemic.

One of the steps included in the manifestos includes stop using taxpayer’s money to fund pollution.

Under this step, WHO urged to stop subsidising fossil fuels such as for power generation and transport but instead subsidise on clean energy and fuels such as solar, hydro and wind-based electricity.

Among the actionable or actions recommended by WHO includes support the effective engagement and direct participation of communities in planning and policy development.

Aside from that, it is also recommended to conduct health, economic and environmental impact assessments of future and existing policies and interventions.

Other actionable includes collaboration across sectors for managing environmental determinants of health.

Apart from that, WHO also recommended to allocate resources across sectors to account for the expected health impacts of sector-based policies.

By using fiscal and financial mechanisms to influence environmental determinants of health through investments in various sectors, this can create a positive health impacts to the public.

The sectors may include adequate housing, energy efficiency, cycling and pedestrian networks, and mass transit, as well as taxation of unhealthy products and practices.

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