Resistance to Change Always Exist

Globalisation, global village, information and communications technologies, social media, the digital world, the digital economy, data warfare and industrial revolution 4.0 are among the terms that have stuck in our lives since the new millennium.

Regardless of the terms, concepts and ideas presented to us, what is certain is that they all need us to embrace change.

Change has its phases. Kurt Lewin in his Model of Change Phase which states there are three phases: unfreezing, moving and refreezing. Lewin stressed that change is not an individual progression but a method that flows from one development to another.

Adapting to change is not necessarily sudden.

Of course, it is human behaviour if change occur, acceptance and response to it is not comprehensive or even immediate.

It all depends on how important or how much the change means or affects us.

If the effect is minimal or no direct effect, then the action to change may not be immediate or may be minimal or slow.

In addition, resistance to change always exist. This is because every change creates anxiety and doubt

Changing is a choice. If we choose to change, we will face many risks.

Whatever the odds and risks, what is certain is that by choosing to change we face only two realities in our life. The first one is changing for the better and the second for the worse.

If we choose not to change, we are likely to be in a bad position or in the long run may even fall into circumstances where things are bad or not in our favour.

For most of us, change is only acceptable (especially positive change) when something important or significant happens to us or exposed to something drastic.

The reality is that change and the need to change no matter how urgent it may be, needs careful planning because early preparation is necessary and to ensure that change is possible.

The planning and preparation involved include mind and emotion preparation, finance, accurate collection and analysis of information and more.

All of these can help us achieve the goals we want to achieve by making those changes.

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