Public Services and Change – Focused On Service to the People

In the organisation, change is unavoidable. There are even times when changes need to be quick to allow organisations to increase efficiency and keep their costs to a minimum.

This is important to remain useful and valuable to their customers (or possible customers) while keeping their competitiveness in the industry or economy.

Thus, it is important for an organisation to live and perform in a condition that stresses the continuous learning in which the organisation must constantly update knowledge in line with the needs and development or change of environment.

Hence, organisations need to have a systematic and effective way of ensuring that information collected, analysed and translated into action to preserve organisational competitiveness.

For this, the organisation human resources must constantly learn and adaptable to new needs. Consequently, constant training to strengthen knowledge and skills of the organisation’s human resources is essential.

Public service is reflecting the community it serves. The public service has the strength and ability in many areas built on principles that are proven to be effective and reliable.

The world is changing fast and we can’t ignore it. Technological advances have revolutionised how people (society) buy goods and services and manage other facet of their lives.

The public also hopes to deal with the government in simple ways such as online and on-demand services. At the same time, the society itself has changed overtime and has increased, which puts greater pressure on health and welfare services.

Therefore, the public service must respond well to change because if it fails to change and strengthen its abilities, the organisation will not remain important to the community and nation.

To that end, the public service needs to transform how and where members of the public service work and the tools used.

The technology tools and software used should be the medium for the public service to improve the lives of the public.

In addition, the civil service also needs to change their culture by becoming more skilled, less bureaucratic and more united.

Government services should remain focused on service to the people and aid business.

Whether we resist it or avoid it, change will come into our lives.

We must accept and make changes because as humans, we are imperfect and cannot escape from making mistakes.

Negative elements will always surround us and this will harm us and the people around us.

When we take the initiative to start the change itself, it is easy for us to adjust to it.

The changes we make are valuable and will increase our knowledge and strengthen our experience.

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