MOH approved 12 private medical facilities for Covid-19 screening in Sarawak

art-415-01There are now 12 private medical facilities available in Sarawak for Covid-19 screening as approved by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia

The Ministry of Health, Malaysia has approved 12 private medical facilities for Covid-19 screening in Sarawak.

They are:

  1. Borneo Medical Centre, Kuching
  2. Kuching Specialist Hospital, Kuching
  3. Normah Medical Specialist Centre, Kuching
  4. Timberland Medical Centre, Kuching
  5. Klinik Kotaraya samarahan, Kota Samarahan
  6. Rejang Medical Centre, Sibu
  7. PMG Medical Centre, Sibu
  8. Bintulu Medical Centre, Bintulu
  9. Columbia Asia Hospital, Bintulu
  10. Borneo Medical Centre, Miri
  11. KPJ Miri Specialist Hospital, Miri
  12. Columbia Asia Hospital, Miri

When visiting, members of the public are urged to follow the necessary precaution measures to avoid the spread of Covid-19.

Among the precautionary measures for members of the public when visiting any medical facilities by MOH includes the public may set up appointments via phone or email.

Visitors or patients must stick to the time of appointment and be at least 30 minutes before the appointment.

During the appointment, only two persons including the patient are allow to avoid congestion.

The public must also wear mask at all times, was hands with water and soap or hand sanitiser and practice social distancing.

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