The Importance of Transferable Skills

art-422-31082020Transferable skills, when combined with technical skills, can enrich and add value to one’s work experience

To have a successful and fulfilling career in today’s economy, professionals must be able to demonstrate relevant technical skills, but these skills can become more valuable when complemented with the necessary transferable skills. 

Transferable skills, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, leadership, communication, creativity and teamwork are skills and knowledge that can be applied across diverse jobs and industries. 

They are vital because majority of jobs today, even those arising from the digital economy, demand these skills as employers expect employees to take on multiple tasks and roles.

For professionals and even graduates, transferable skills will boost their employability in the job market due to the flexibility and diversity they can offer to potential employers, despite lacking technical experiences in fields they are unfamiliar with.

They can be acquired and developed not only throughout employment, but also education, social interactions and every other aspects of life. 

This can be helpful for professionals should they opt for a new job or a different career field because they already have these skills to support their transition. 

Most importantly, transferable skills can be refined through technologies used by professionals in practising their skills or learning new ones as their work or occupation evolve.


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