The Most In-Demand Jobs in Malaysia Post COVID-19

art-424-04092020Based on vacancies posted on JobStreet Malaysia, many in-demand jobs in Malaysia can be found in the IT industry

Almost immediately, the COVID-19 pandemic has posed increasing challenges on many people’s careers and livelihoods; for some that means searching for a new job upon losing an old one in order to sustain a living.

However, there are still career opportunities that remain in demand amid the global crisis; to support Malaysians as they navigate through this trying times, JobStreet Malaysia has created a jobs and resources hub for those in need of work, which can be accessed at

According to JobStreet Malaysia, among the most in demand job roles at the moment can be found in areas of software engineering or development, marketing, business development, network or systems engineering, and nursing.

For those who are searching for jobs that can provide temporary or additional income, they should consider jobs in security, logistics and warehousing, healthcare (clinic assistant) and services (cleaner and general worker).

In the event where a career change is needed, sectors such as information technology (IT), banking and manufacturing are still looking for potential employees.

Be it a shift in job roles or career, it is important to make the most out of the job search by researching the job market, strengthening networks, enhancing employability and maintaining perseverance.

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