Leadership and Management Complements Each Other

art-445-01Leadership and management are two different kinds of qualities but are complementary to each other in ensuring an organisation or company runs smoothly

Leadership and management are two important and different kind of values needed for an organisation or company to succeed.

Management is often associated with efficiency and can be defined as the act or skill of directing, controlling, handling, deciding, and overseeing things.

Leadership on the other hand, is often about effectiveness and is about influencing, developing, coaching, guiding, mentoring or supervising people.

Any organizations and companies should strive to maximize the value of both leaders and managers.

For example, a good manager with no leadership qualities will ensure the tasks are completed but there is not guarantee that it will produce good results.

An excellent leader on the other hand with no management skills can develop good relationships with under them with inspiring visions but there are chances that they might never materialize.

However, while managers may not have a massive influence, they are known to be efficient in running projects and get things done.

By planning, organizing and coordinating, a manager will know how to execute things even when faced with complex problems or projects.

A leader on the other hand, while may not be adept at managing ongoing details involving getting the tasks done, may be influential as it focuses on inspiring, motivating and innovating their followers.

While they both two different qualities, leadership and management complements each other and by frequently associate both with one another, they will ensure things run smoothly within an organisation.

They complement each other by working together to solve issues and make plans for improvement.

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