Assimilating Creativity in Leadership

art-451-01According to a study by IBM Global Business Service, creativity is the top quality in leadership topping integrity, global thinking and influence

As the world is now shifting towards a more innovative-driven economy, creativity is considered to be one of the most important qualities in modern leadership.

The role of creativity in leadership is vital to the survival of any sectors and organizations in the today’s ever-changing environment.

Creativity creates many presents opportunities for both the leader and in the workplace such as problem solving, achieving goals and growth, fostering productivity in the workplace and creating positive impacts to the community through unconventional yet effective methods.

Creative leadership can be defined as the ability to create and realize innovative solution by looking at things in new ways and solve problems by seeing things others do not.

 The need for creative leadership mainly pins down to the ever-changing global trends from the revolutions of digitalization, connectivity and information sharing.

Various fields and sectors across the globe are producing changes and gaining momentum that many cannot foresee.

And due to these changes, we are constantly dealing with complexity and ambiguity, but creative leaders seek benefit from unpredictability around them.

It takes this kind of leadership to have a certain mindset to lead others without knowing in advance if their way will work.

And from the social aspect, as companies or organizations began to experience changes, it is easy to have lower-level staffs feeling left out.

Creative leadership took various opportunities to change this mindset by implementing unconventional techniques and ideas to include people to ensure success within the organization or company.

Aside form that, societal issues such as global warming and inequality are making organizations and companies to change as they are becoming more people centric and moving towards inclusivity.

With the need to reinvent themselves, creative leadership requires leaders to come up with creative solutions from non-traditional perspectives to devise new and exciting changes to help the organization or company grow.


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