Horizontal Leadership

art-454-01The horizontal leadership organizational structure focuses on using influence, persuasion and trust rather than the vertical leadership structure that has organizational boundaries

These days, the concept of horizontal leadership is rapidly taking over in many modern, globalized and information-loaded organizations.

Horizontal leadership can be described as the act of persuading others or influencing the thoughts or actions of others to engage employees or followers.

In today’s modern and information sharing society, the leadership style in such structure is typically based on influence, persuasion and trust rather than having the employees following instructions blindly.

The goal of horizontal leadership is to give all employees or followers an active voice projects or initiatives so that they have a sense of belonging.

Great organizations build on common trust and this only works if the relationship between the leader and their employees or followers is bi-lateral.

Leaders must understand how to communicate effectively with their employees and take the role of the follower when needed. This shows that leaders who can lead must be able to support as well.

In creating a healthy environment through horizontal leadership, one of the most information key is information sharing.

Information sharing emphasize on an employee-centred approach by focusing on teamwork and collaboration.

This allows for them to focus and invest time and energy on company goals as teamwork ensures the group to have cohesion and move the organization or company forward.

For instance, sometimes by just including employees in a discussion or conversation across the organization can deepen investment and relationships.

Apart from uniting people with a common purpose, a horizontal leadership is about being empathy to others.

So, it is important for leaders to listen to the point of views of other to become more informed themselves.

Thus, it is vital that leaders show empathy with colleagues by offering support to progress individual careers and group goals.

This in turn will increase the followers’ motivation and hence increase productivity.

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