Civil Service Change Leadership Spur Government Transformation Initiatives

A key laying on a piece of paper with the word "leadership" on it.

Change is a constant feature of the modern Civil Service, whether it be structures, technology or processes, and our success relies on adapting to these changes with energy and enthusiasm.

Change will always be a part of the environment we work in and leaders must be equipped with the tools that they need to be able to deliver these changes whilst keeping colleagues motivated and engaged.

The civil service since the past decade going through a rapidly changing environment which is largely influenced by advances in technology, innovation and knowledge.

It is crucial to adapt to changes posed by rapid technological advancement and the fast emergence of digital economy. The development of digital tools is accelerating the pace of change across all industries at an unprecedented speed.

Civil Service has no choice but to be an overcomer in this disruptive age.

By instilling the right vision, right purpose and right values, leadership in civil service would be the driving force that ensures success and sustainability in all our government transformation initiatives for the people.

The implementation of organisational change is dependent on the characteristics of the leader. Government leaders need to thrive and overcome. Leaders must value growth, learning and experience.

Change leadership is aimed at inducing favourable attitudes among change recipients concerning change. Change leadership is therefore expected to be positively related to commitment to change.

Change leadership approaches typically stress communicating the sense of urgency, vision of change and implementation plans

By explaining to employees why change is necessary, employees may better understand and support the implementation of change. Moreover, the implementation plan must be clearly communicated to employees, so that employees are aware of the scope and time planning of the implementation process

The challenge for the civil service now is to continue on its path of excellence and make its mark even on the world stage.

This requires a major overhaul both in mind and action.

To succeed, it requires a winning mindset and commitment from the leadership; values, work culture and strategic mobilisation of technology and resources.

Growth mindset is key, as opposed to fixed mindset. They say great leaders are great learners. Therefore, the journey of learning and growth never ends.

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