Fighting Cyberbullying

art-466-01Cyberbullying is becoming a serious problem among the society particularly the minors where apart from malicious comments online, certain posts or videos that go viral online may also contribute to cyberbullying

In the age of Internet of Things (IoT), cyberbullying is not something the society can take very lightly.

According to the 2019 poll by UNICEF on violence against children which included respondents from 30 countries, it showed that one in five young people reported having skipped school due to cyberbullying and violence.

 A 2018 research to measure cyberbullying by tech review site, placed Malaysia on 6th spot among 28 countries.

Cyberbullying extends traditional forms of bullying to cyberspace where perpetrators can hide behind perceived anonymity.

Most cyberbullying cases involved social media users who want to unleash their dissatisfaction and resentment against certain individuals but it can trigger bigger problems that can impact a person’s emotional, psychological and social well-being and some to the extent the victims are driven to suicide.

Stopping cyberbullying is not just about calling out bullies, it’s also about recognizing that everyone deserves respect whether it is online and in real life.

To end online bullying and violence in and around schools, UNICEF and partners are calling for urgent action from all sectors in the following areas:

  • Implementation of policiesto protect children and young people from cyberbullying and bullying.
  • Establishment and equipment of national helplinesto support children and young people.
  • Advancement of ethical standards and practices of social network providersspecifically in regards to the collection, information and management of data.
  • Collection of better, disaggregated evidenceabout children and young people’s online behaviour to inform policy and guidance.
  • Training for teachers and parentsto prevent and respond to cyberbullying and bullying, particularly for vulnerable groups.

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