Effects of Bullying in the Workplace

art-469-01The effects of workplace bullying can be harmful and it can take various forms such as physical, psychological and verbal abuse

Bullying can take many forms and it can be physical, psychological or verbal.

While bullying is normally associated with children, it can also happen in the workplace among adults.

Workplace bullying is any form of bullying when someone is repeatedly treated badly by someone they work with.

Among the inappropriate behaviours by bullies may include berating and excluding people, repeated hurtful remarks and been deliberately given impossible or pointless tasks to do.

Being bullied at work can harm both physical and psychological health such as causing major stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, high blood pressure, headache and trouble sleeping.

Those who are bullied can’t perform their jobs to the best of their abilities and having performances issues such as inability to concentrate at work, a loss of self-esteem, having trouble making decisions and lower productivity.

In addition to disrupting the performance of those being bullied, workplace bullying also causes disruption in the working environment.

 This may include reduce productivity, poor public image on company, a hosting working environment, legal issues and erosion of employees’ commitment to work.

To prevent bullying in the workplace, both employer and employees need to recognise bullying as a real issue and interventions are needed to curb this issue.

For individuals being bullied, it is important that they recognised the signs of bullying and know that there are things that they can do such as reporting it to the upper management or relevant authority and telling someone they can trust.

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