Role of Effective Communication in Employee Relation

art-491-01Effective communication ensures good relationship between employer and employees

Employee relation refers to the relationship between the employers and the employees.

Maintaining a good employee relation is important for managing conflicts, boost employee wellbeing, performance and productivity as well as maintain good connection.

Strong employee relation depends on a safe, positive and healthy work environment.

So, in any organization or company, effective communication is important when it comes to handling employee relations.

In doing so, communication between employer and employees should remain clear, transparent and precise.

When delivering information or instruction, they must be conveyed sensibly into relevant words so that the other person can understand.

Overall, one should not always assume that the other person will know what is on the other person’s mind.

This is to strengthen employee relation by ensuring that the information or instruction would be circulated among all employees.

For example, a clear and transparent method of communication between employer and employee can be created by newsletter, emails, bulletins and intranet.

Written mode of communication is sometimes for effective as they are more reliable and self-explanatory than verbal communication.

This is also to ensure everyone is well informed and avoid miscommunication.

Aside from that, in delivering information or instruction, it must be delivered in the presence of every employee for better clarity.

When such activity conducted, each employee should be able to express their opinions or points of view with liberty.

Organisations should utilise a way for employees to communicate their suggestions and apprehensions to management.

This will make employees feel more engaged with the organisation and it minimizes the chances of conflicts.

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