Conflict Management for Better Employee Relation

art-492-01Conflicts is inevitable in any organizations and good conflict management is important to establish a healthy employee relation

Conflicts happens everywhere and one of the most common where conflict arises is in the workplace.

In every organization or company, managing conflicts is important to maintain a good employee relation.

Conflict can be defined as disagreement between two or more people with opposing opinions.

Conflict is inevitable in most organisations and it can occur frequently but it can be managed effectively while fostering and maintaining individual respect for the parties involved.

Conflicts are often portrayed in a negative way but it could be an effective way for everyone to learn and become more productive in the workplace.

It could also indicate in a healthy exchange of ideas and creativity. However, it can also result in decreased employee morale, reduced productivity, absenteeism and increased employee turnover, increased work-related stress and finally a hostile work environment.

Conflicts arises due to poor communication, organizational conflicts, clashes of personalities and interpersonal conflicts.

In maintaining a good employee relation, the management may consider using a system that allows for consistent and efficient communication between the members.

This is to avoid the miscommunication and misunderstanding and ensure employees feel that their issues and interest are always heard.

Among the things that can be done so that conflicts can be manged efficiently includes providing management consultation, facilitating a meeting between conflicting parties, clearly define the problems, help create alternatives, guide in decision making process, clarify agreements, develop agreement or plan to resolve conflicts and provide follow ups.

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