How the sense of ownership creates the culture of responsibility

art-503-01Creating a sense of ownership to work is one of the ways to foster a culture of responsibility at the workplace

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To a culture of responsibility in the workplace among workers is to create a sense of ownership to what they are doing or contributing.

When things go well, employees will the credit, but when things do not go well, they must learn to accept responsibility for these outcomes too.

Among the things that can be practice to create a sense of ownership and responsibility is to delegate tasks effectively.

Delegation is not only about assigning tasks but it is also about clear communication and allowing employees to hold themselves and take responsibility for their results.

So, if a person is more involved in a project, they will naturally feel mor ownership over their work.

Apart from that, another way to create a culture of responsibility is to involve employees in the decision-making process.

Often, employees do not make decision or take ownership of their work because they are not sure of what they should do as they feel like they need to check in with their employer.

By training them to make decision, this allow able to take responsibility for their actions.

If the upper management have to approve every decision that is made within the organization, the employees will be afraid to make decision of what the employers might not agree to.

In addition to this, to foster a culture of ownership, an organization has to have a clear understanding about the key objectives and vision.

To align where the organization and the team is going, the employer needs to make sure everyone sees where they fit in the big picture by understanding their role and contribution to the organization’s success.

This is because they will not feel compel to accomplish something unless they are completely engaged.

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