The Significance of Environmental Responsibility


The mounting environmental crisis is nothing new to mankind. While many people are well aware of the situation, few choose to do something about the problems themselves. Large multinational companies contribute the most to the crisis and have ignored the environment and its social costs in favour of pursuing profits. To reverse its effects, these businesses will have to move towards more sustainable practices.

Environmental responsibility starts on a smaller level; with individuals being able to do their part to reduce their carbon footprint. Recycling is one simple way to ensure an active role in the process of protecting the environment, without having to put in large amounts of effort or

giving up convenience. At home, take the time to sort out the waste properly into recyclable and non-recyclables. Beside paper, glass and plastic, metal is also recyclable. Old electrical appliances and scrap metal should be properly disposed of by contacting a metal recycling company instead of just throwing it away.

Another way of going green is to create less waste. Going zero waste is something that most people are unable to do, therefore producing less waste is something that anyone can do. Try bringing a reusable tote bag when going grocery shopping to prevent using up plastic bags. Instead of buying water in disposable plastic bottles, buy a reusable and durable water bottle. This also prevents you from spending unnecessary money on drinks when you have your own supply of water.

Although it may seem small, steps like these can help in reducing your carbon footprint. If many more people took on the challenge of protecting the environment, the impact could be large.

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