A Sense of Responsibility Becomes an Equilibrium of Our Actions


In any situation, we are responsible for what we do and need to accept and deal with the resulting affects.

In fact, not many of us understand well what it meant by responsibility and then a sense of responsibility.

A sense of responsibility is just as important as integrity.

Responsibility refers to something like work or tasks that must be done. Responsibilities also referred to as obligations.

Integrity refers to honesty. Integrity also refers to a perfect and intact state.

In our daily lives, a sense of responsibility becomes one of the essential elements to create balance in the harmony of life.

A sense of responsibility allow us to see something or situation not as a burden. At the same time with a sense of responsibility, we always or in most situations as much as possible put the interests of others ahead of our own needs and interests.

A responsible person (there is a sense of responsibility) will always be ready to provide the necessary explanation or justification.

Therefore, such an individual would prefer not to do something that affects others.

A sense of responsibility in performing tasks is a guide and a reminder to us. This is because with a sense of responsibility, we motivated to assess and confirmations on every action and decision we make so as not to violate or deviate from what entrusted to us.

This is especially important for those whose job involved in development planning that involves the use of the public such as an architect, material surveyor and construction engineer.

As employees, we should make a sense of responsibility as a key ingredient or value in our work culture.

As employees, we entrusted to perform a task. Responsible employees will strive to complete the assigned task with the best of efforts and on time and ensure that no mistakes made.

For us in this country, we are grateful for the services provided by our civil service that always consider the needs and interests of the public.

The sense of responsibility cultivated in our civil service enables the community to enjoy development where this sense of responsibility helps translate the goals of government development policy.

Without a sense of responsibility that firmly rooted in our civil servants, it indeed difficult for us to see development carried out in the state, especially in remote areas in rural areas.

Negative facet such as malpractice, abuse of power and corruption are rampant. Although there have been cases of malpractice, abuse of power and corruption among the community and the civil service, but due to the sense of responsibility that exists among the community and other members of the civil service, such cases have been reported to the authorities for action and correction.

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