How Does Technological Innovation Impact Society?


Innovation impacts society in a large way and in all aspects of the world. Innovation is required to progress forwards, and the reason we exist in the modern world.

Technological innovation has impacted the way we do things the most, from agriculture to transport, as technology is embedded in the way we live, work and experience the world.

Technological innovation has reshaped the world we live in, with technologies such as cloud storage, artificial intelligence, and even virtual reality.

These technologies help us move towards a seamless world where products and services are available at a click of a mouse.

Technology has become invisible and indivisible from our daily lives. Virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa allow us to conduct simple, everyday tasks just by speaking to them.

Technological innovation in this modern age is a two-way street, wherein people aren’t just using companies’ products and services, they are also feeding information and changes right back.

While this brings about much convenience, many people feel unprepared for the new levels of personal privacy that companies are able to gain insight into.

It is a trade-off between having personalised services delivered by AI, or safeguarding personal information that one will have to make.

The reach of new technology is reshaping our society, as the world is reimagining itself not just around technological innovation, but by extension, around the companies that provide those services.

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