Productivity to remain relevant in today’s competitive environment

art-529-01-inkThe third annual E-Productivity Day and State-level Civil Service Innovation Month virtually on 12th October was held virtually for the first time and was officiated by Datu Dr Sabariah Putit (File Picture)

Innovation and creative thinking are two important elements for productivity to ensure long term success for any organization.

The increase in productivity will improve an organization’s competitiveness ability.

This was said by Deputy State Secretary (Performance and Service Delivery Transformation) YBhg Datu Dr. Sabariah Putit during the launching of the Productivity E-Day and Sarawak Public Service Innovation Week 2020.

The event was held over GoToWebinar and Facebook Live on 12th October by the Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC).

“As a continuous effort in increasing productivity and competitiveness in today’s competitive and challenging environment, every organization and company need to continuously improve their service efficiency in order to remain relevant,” she said.

“Therefore, a systematic approach is needed for innovative and creative thinking,” she added.

In addition to this, Datu Dr. Sabariah also mentioned that as of now, Sarawak in the process of formulating and implementing a Digital Economy initiative with a comprehensive plan for 17 sectors.

The sectors include Law and Governance, Government Digital, Digital Data, Cyber Security, Digital Infrastructure, Agriculture, Tourism, Manufacturing, Services and e-Commerce.

She said that the State government realised that in the era of digital world, the importance of innovation culture is significant in turning Sarawak into a competitive and inclusive State in terms of implementation of integrated development in achieving digital economy by 2030.

Apart from that, Datu Dr. Sabariah also noted that the Sarawak Economic Action Council (SEAC) had identified 10 sectors that would become the state government’s priority.

They are Big Data centre and innovation, Mining, High level productivity commercial agriculture and commodity sectors, high-value downstream manufacturing, aggressive forest replanting industry, tourism diversity, quality social services for the people, renewable energy, coordination of education and human resources, and development of basic infrastructure.

With the theme ‘Innovation for Service Delivery Excellence’, the state public service innovation month is one of the initiatives and efforts of the state, federal and agency governments including private sectors to disseminate the concept of innovation and creativity in service delivery among civil servants in all sectors in Sarawak.

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