Positive Attitude and Ageing

art-524-01Having a positive attitude towards ageing allows us to lead a richer and more satisfying life

Over the years, various researches have discovered a strong correlation between positive attitude and its effect on ageing.

First off, having a positive outlook on life can lead to a longer lifespan. Approaching life positively allows us to age ‘slower’ and ‘better’, meaning we still have the capability to be physically and mentally fit to perform daily activities as we grow older.

This makes us more resilient to diseases and more proactive about our health, for having a positive attitude strengthens our immune system and boosts our ability to overcome the physical and emotional impact of life’s adversities.

Our longevity is also affected by how we perceive the notion of ageing. We can be more open to the experience of growing old if we look at the positive aspects of ageing instead of being influenced by the rejection of being old as perceived by society and the media while we are still young.

In the process of accepting the idea of growing old, we can strive to be better as we age, with experience and maturity providing us insights to lead a more fulfilling life.

Thus, regardless of how old we are, we should develop such positive attitude towards ageing. This involves changing our lifestyles, which include:

Staying physically active, because it helps improve our physical, mental and emotional health. Exercising moderately enables us to reduce stress, maintain a healthy weight, strengthen bones and improve attitude.

Being socially engaged, whether through existing social connections or new ones to stay integrated in our respective communities, form a continuous expanding network of family and friends, and stay actively engaged in life.

Working on reducing stress through stress-reduction regimen or techniques such as meditation, prayer, walking and tai chi to prevent stress from damaging our body and mind.

Keeping the brain active through activities like crossword puzzles, reading, listening to classical music or developing new skills through online courses or college classes. Stimulating our minds as we grow old might help prevent or delay dementia.

Engaging in purposeful activities, be they hobbies or volunteer work, because it helps give our lives meaning and purpose, as well as enhancing our self-worth and mental well-being.

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