When it is okay to have negative thoughts

art-534-01Despite popular beliefs that negative thoughts is not good, they are actually vital for one’s health and well-being

Cultivating positive attitude includes harbouring positive thoughts so that one can feel happier, less depressed and be more satisfied.

However, there comes a time when one cannot help but developing negative thoughts unconsciously by being extremely critical, judgemental and full of worry and fear.

While we are often taught that having negative thoughts are toxic and bad for you, at times they can actually vital for your mental and well-being.

In contrary to society’s perception, being constantly upbeat have its own risks.

Ignoring negative emotions such as anger and anxiety prevents us from evaluating our emotions and experiences.

The presence of negative thoughts and emotions also indicates that there is a problem, whether it is in our personal or work lives and relationships.

By addressing there is a problem, it alerted us into acting to work through the issue as that issue needs our attention as well as changes.

Apart from that, a study from the Florida State University shows that those who suppress emotions experience shows to be more stress when confronted with the topic that causes the negative thoughts.

Developing negative thoughts is also a healing steps in overcoming problem.

The quickest way to overcome a problem is to first accept that the reason why one is having negative thoughts in the first place is because you are listening to what your mind is telling you.

By figuring out where they came from, you will get clarity from your negative thoughts and working towards developing positive thoughts after.

When you acknowledge how you are feeling regardless whether they are bad or good, it will help you develop a perspective in learning to accept your emotions.

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