What We Do

Our Expertise

To accept the changes you seek to implement or launch, your organisation or company must move in a synchronised pace with your target end-user. Adopting approaches that are just right to match your client’s level of awareness or readiness.

The road to affluence and progress demands your organisation or company the ability to:

  • Adapt
  • Expand
  • Restructure
  • Undergo transformation
  • Be on the move

The target end-user of your products, services and programmes must also be made:

  • Aware
  • Receptive
  • Ready

Faradale Media-M assist in laying the foundation for more effective communication between your organisation and your clients; making your clientele understand and be favourably dispose to accept and use your products and services or be actively involved in your projects or programmes.

We can help you plan and implement communication campaigns to support your marketing efforts and bring your projects into successful implementation. We will work with you in all stages of the project implementation process from need/problem identification to the evaluation process. In each stage, we will help you come up with the proper communication mix to achieve the specified objectives.

When you engage Faradale Media-M’s services, you can count on us to take care of:

  • Information gathering
  • Copy or scriptwriting
  • Conceptualizing design and layout
  • Coordination printing or production process
  • Delivery and dissemination
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of the media channels