In-House Projects


Being one of the pioneers in media communications, Faradale Media-M is in the business to bridge and share information among the relevant entities in their field of work.  Our publications include:

  • Rangkaian Khidmat Awam Negeri Sarawak / Sarawak Civil Service Network (RAKAN Sarawak)
    A quarterly magazine on the Sarawak Civil Service, published on behalf of the Sarawak State Secretary’s Office
  • RAKAN Sarawak Supplement
    A monthly, news-oriented supplement to the Rakan Sarawak magazine
  • Sarawak Tourism Network
    A bi-monthly magazine on the Sarawak tourism industry, published on behalf of the Sarawak Tourism Board
  • Green Tiger International / Business Sarawak

Events Management

For event management, we specialized in servicing areas that helps clients solve very specific and unique challenges.  These range from event marketing to execution of events.