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Sarawak's Independence 40th Anniversary



Message From Chairman, Organising Committee Jubli Delima Sarawak Merdeka 2003 Celebrations

This Delima Edition of the Sarawak Gazette is published to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Sarawak’s Independence within Malaysia.

While working on this special edition of the Sarawak Gazette, our editorial team embarked on a heartwarming journey into Sarawak’s past and present.  As we pored over scores of interesting and insightful articles published in past issues of the Sarawak Gazette, we had a most difficult task of deciding which ones should be included in this special edition. While most, if not all of the write-ups from past issues covering the period from 1963 up to the present deserved a space in this edition, we, unfortunately, cannot include them all.

The board of editors has compiled a varied selection of interesting articles written by people of diverse backgrounds for this Delima Edition.  As such, the articles included in this edition reflect the lifestyles, viewpoints and challenges faced by Sarawakians as seen and experienced by the writers themselves through the 40-year period covering Sarawak’s history from the time it formed Malaysia together with Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Singapore until the present.

The multiracial and multicultural nature of Sarawak has made the Sarawak Gazette a unique publication for Sarawak. Ever since it was first published in August 1870 during the reign of the Second White Rajah, Sir Charles Brooke, the Sarawak Gazette has established itself as one that ‘captures the Spirit of Sarawak’.

With the publication of this Delima Edition of the Gazette, I hope that many of us will be able to recap the past and glean insights that will serve us well in coping with the challenges of the present. Perhaps, the events, people and places mentioned in the articles will stir many memories and emotions that will remind us that we have what it takes to overcome whatever challenges and obstacles that we may face as we shape our future. 

I hope that the Sarawak Gazette will evolve to become not just a publication that captures the spirit of Sarawak but also as a means to portray the essence of multiculturalism of the people of Sarawak to the outside world. I am pleased that we are able to produce the Delima Edition of the Gazette, both in printed format as well as in CD-Rom version. This will allow for a wider distribution of this special publication to a broader audience.

My heartfelt thanks go to all those who have provided valuable contributions, either as contributing writers or by serving as members of the Board of Editors for the past issues of the Sarawak Gazette. This treasure trove of information and insights will not have been possible without their contributions. I hope that through this Delima Edition, others will also be moved and inspired to submit their articles, or provide us with feedback, for future issues of the Sarawak Gazette.


Datu Haji Salleh bin Haji Sulaiman

Chairman, Organising Committee Jubli Delima Sarawak Merdeka 2003 Celebrations


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